++Press Release by Turkey++

The Delegation of Turkey calls upon the Islamic Leaque to stay united in this time of crisis. Turkey is sad about the accusations made by Panama and wants to remember the Nation of Panama and everyone else that the purpose of the UN is to contain peace and not to search for war. We hope that the situations will stabilize soon so Panama and Turkey can keep up their good relations.


++Press Release by Australia++

Australia wants to spend all their money which is 200.000.000 USD. Who ever wants to have the money, just apply. It’s split into 10 pieces and each country can have 1/10 of our budget. Just send an individual order to the crisis team. The first 10 candidates will get the money (for free obviously).


Delegation of Australia

++Press Release by Panama++

Honourable delegates of all nations, On behalf of the the Gouvernement of the Republic of Panama I call upon all of you to support Panama in this hard times. After a critical commentary made by the delegation of Panama upon the competition between Mauritania, Saudi Arabia and Turkey in executing homosexuals, a bomb planted by Turkey was found near a busy shopping center in Panama City. Fortunately before having the chance to go off. Such measures may not be tolerated!

Delegation of Panama

++Press Release by Vietnam++

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam increased the amount of troops in the Spratly Islands and has ordered the troops to fight the Chinese and Malaysian troops that unlegitimately occupy the VIETNAMESE Spratly Islands. Vietnam kindly demands the world community to stay out of this situation, since none of the represented countries cares about these beautiful VIETNAMESE islands anyways. Expecting the succesfull deportation of the Chinese and Malaysian troops, Vietnam hereby declares its new status as oil exporters and welcomes negotiations about coming oil exports.

Le Figaro: Climate Change is a threat to international security!

In an important, new resolution the UN Security Council declares Climate Change as a threat to the international security and peace. „It is an important issue, that needs to be discussed and is debatable in the Security Council“, said the delegate of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. The Security Council is also putting emphasis on the small islands and developing nations, which are currently threatened from disappearing. The delegates are asking the international community not only to put more funding into relevant information, but also to open to the public and pay special attention to refugees. Sadly, a lot of people are fleeing from climate change. The Security Council is asking other organisations, especially the World Bank, the Environment Council and the Human Rights Council to address this issue in the future as well. The resolution encourages all member states to realize the Paris Agreement and further improve their actions preventing climate migration. It also emphasizes the importance of investment in nuclear and renewable energies to the reduction of greenhouse gases worldwide.
The resolution was sponsored by the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Japan and Uruguay. In the voting procedure every country voted in favour (China was uncommitted).  The delegate of France told Le Figaro, that she is personally very proud of the resolution and happy that everyone worked so well together. Every country in the Security Council is willing to fight against climate change.

Press Release: Mauritania

We sadly recocnized that several countries are still blaming us in the Hacking-Orders-Affair. Due to information published by the secret service of Kuwait which seems to prove an engagement of the Mossad we urgently ask Israel to prove its integrity, especially as they have not contacted us yet what is very suspicious. We are not sure about the persecution of Muslims in Israel. We want to clarify these issues and face the facts. If Israel’s Likud really purges Muslims, we are not willing to collaborate with them anymore and support the rising revolutionary forces. But if they are not, we hope that you overcome your issues with your opponents among your own population as well as those with Palestine. We ask particularly the western world to collaborate with us again!