An action is necessary !

In this time of crisis, Amnesty International strongly asks all countries of the United Nations to find an agreement that will be efficient. Amnesty is proud to observe that countries really try to work together but we also think that more can be done.

The countries of the Human Rights Council (HRC) seem to be very affected by the tsunami that touched their land. They all reaffirm their will to help refugees and populations who are suffering from the tsunami. Moreover, Amnesty International is delighted to see that some countries look for a strong solution to the crisis that touched Africa, Europe and America. We would like to explain that we support the will to develop a real coalition and to find an agreement that some countries have expressed. The resolution passed in the HRC seems to be a very interesting demonstration of international cooperation and could really improve the difficult situation of tsunami victims.

Amnesty International thinks that an action, in this time of crisis, is fundamental. Taking efficient and common decisions is essential.


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