Breaking News: Tsunami Gregor hits Western Africa and Europe – about 10.000 deaths already estimated

One of the biggest earthquakes ever recorded – measuring 9.2 on the Richter scale – with its epicenter 120 km off of the coast of Portugal caused a huge tsunami raging at the coastal areas of Europe and Western Africa.

About 10.000 deaths are already estimated and many people are still missing. Even though rescue and disaster efforts are doing the best they can, many were unable to flee due to the short time frame between the earthquake and the tsunami wave.

While Portugal and Spain declared the state of emergency, many other countries are affected by the 12 m high waves as well.

The situation in Senegal, Gambia, Morocco and Mauritania still remains unclear, but he EU pledged to send help as soon as possible.

The Southern African countries are not affected as heavily as the North-Western African countries. The waves hitting southern African coasts were much smaller and just caused minor damage and so far no known casualties

Even American coasts are being prepared to be evacuated as the waves are supposed to hit the USA at 11.30 am.

In total, about 70.000 people are estimated to be affected by the tsunami waves.

The Star | 24/02/2017


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