Cape Verde suffers shocking losses, government crippled through tsunami

The Council of the European Union invites an expert on the unclear situation of Cape Verde, then moves on to European coasts.

Cape Verde, an island state along the North African coast, has been hit especially traumatically by the Tsunami Gregor. While the situation remains very chaotic and unclear, first numbers are surfacing. 30,000 deaths have been confirmed and many have been reported as lost. Those who were able to flee into the mountains are now waiting to be rescued but efficacy of helicopters remains limited.

The African Union has pledged to send one helicopter; Russia and China have each pledged five. Further support is practically non-existent, with the European Union choosing to focus on European coasts, garnering criticism from Amnesty International for ignoring the dire situation and cry for help in Cape Verde. The Security Council also has yet to release concrete plans of aid for Cape Verde.

Al Jazeera, Moritz Otto


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