Chaotic conditions in Europe and Western Africa after tsunamis hits coast

More than 10,000 casualties and 70,000 people in danger after 12 m waves wreak havoc.

Portugal and Spain are in a state of emergency following the tsunami 120 km off the Portuguese coast. Flooded streets as far as three km into the mainland have been reported, while rescue organizations struggle to maintain an overview. Mud and water swamp the coast and it remains unclear how many people are missing. Lisbon has been hit by this type of natural disaster before – on November 1st, 1755 the city was completely destroyed by a tsunami originating 200 km off its coast.

Western African countries have also been affected with the situation being described as “devastating”, and they hope that the European Union will hold up its pledge to send additional support.

Qatar is experiencing minor waves but urges its citizens to remain calm and remember that it has the lowest natural disaster risk in the world. Just one week ago, tsunami rumors circulated in Qatar which were however quickly verified as false by the Qatar Meteorology Department. They were presumably just “fake news” – a clear attempt to spread panic among Qatar’s population.

Al Jazeera, 24 February 2017

Moritz Otto



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