Interview with the delegate of South Africa by The Star

The Star: Honorable delegate, what are the possible actions from South Africa concerning help for the affected countries?

Delegate of South Africa:
Of course, South Africa agrees with any plan that supports affected countries and their people in any way, especially African countries. We would also vote to help countries not yet affected, so they are able to have the biggest assistance possible whenever the tsunami hits their costs like Brazil and the United States.

The Star: What specific projects will you support during the crisis?

Delegate of South Africa:
We will support an Action Plan proposed by Uruguay, Germany, Morocco, Russia, and the Netherlands that will aid the people who are affected right now by the crisis. Additionally, we will actively support Senegal as they are one of the most affected countries. We will send them at least one paramedic ship to provide First Aid, medicines, and doctors there. We might also send one of our helicopters to Cape Verde to assist the island which was proposed in the Conference of the African Union.


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