Morocco threatens to remove soldiers from border to Spain

Without help from the EU Morocco will be forced to relocate soldiers, opening the border to the EU for terrorists.

The instable condition in Spain has led EU Member States, Belgium especially, to be concerned about the access terrorists may gain to Europe. A potential measure would be to strengthen border security, raising the question of what should have a higher priority – the immediate danger faced by citizens affected by the disastrous tsunami or the potential threat of terrorists entering the EU.

Morocco responded by acknowledging the instable borders, but emphasized its limited resources. It cannot take care of its own citizens and the borders at the same time which is why it relies on support from the EU. However, inadequate support would force Morocco to move soldiers from the border to regions hit by the tsunami. This would potentially open the border to terrorists seeking to enter the EU, hidden by the chaos caused by the recent disaster.

Al Jazeera, Moritz Otto


One comment

  1. The HRC has released an action plan including all countries which are affected by the crisis. Morocco will receive support according to its level of emergency.


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