Newly founded Union of Islamic Countries shows solidarity in light of crisis

Saudi Arabian delegation invites countries with a Muslim majority to join Union of Islamic Countries (UIC).

Dissatisfied with the neglect of Northern African countries, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has joined forces with a multitude of countries with large Muslim populations. Their aim is to support those countries that are forgotten in international crises, with the attention often being focused on the European Union or the United States of America.

Their mutual cultural and religious background would enable the countries to unanimously appear on the world stage, so that the “interests of [their] countries are taken care of as well” (Delegation of Saudi Arabia). However, this does not mean that cooperation between the Union and other countries is not welcomed, as long as there is no interference in the Islamic values of the UIC. These values include the strict condemnation of all types of terrorism and the financial support of disaster-stricken member countries.

First steps include allocating five percent of each member state’s civil budget to support Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal in an effort to solve the current humanitarian crisis.

Countries in UIC: Maldives, Kuwait, Mauritania, Turkey, Malaysia, Qatar, Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Bangladesh

Al Jazeera, Moritz Otto


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