Every day, all over the world, people make the most difficult decision of their lives: they leave their home in search of a better life.

Currently 3% of the global population live outside of their original country. Therefore, the current number stands at 230 million people. Furthermore, 3.3 million people fled their homes but stayed in their country. Those displaced persons often live in difficult conditions.

Nowadays, refugees and stateless persons are in many troubles. They have to face a lot of dangers and they are vulnerable during all their travel and sometimes even when they arrive in the country where they want to live peacefully. It is very infrequent that a migrant in travel does not meet and deal with traffickers or cartels. In many cases they do not succeed in reaching the country they want to go to. Many refugees are wounded or died during their travel. Moreover, many women and children are used by traffickers and are forced to enter prostitution networks. Being a refugee, a stateless person or a person without any identity papers is very difficult and dangerous.

However, every day passing, there are more refugees and stateless people on the road. They are in terrible need and are looking for assistance. This fact seems to be ignored by many countries.

To be a refugee or a stateless person is not by choice. All of these people are forced to leave their homes, their land and their families because of discrimination, war or other sorts of difficulties. For most of them it is very hard to leave behind everything they know.

Welcoming people, refugees or stateless persons is therefore more than a charity act. It is a moral vocation and a human obligation. We should not close our eyes to the awful conditions that refugees live in!

Amnesty International, 24 February 2017


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