Press Rele

Today, in times of crisis, it is even more important to cooperate than it is at other times. All of you know the consequences that natural crises have on humanitarian conditions: People are forced to leave their homes and to find shelter under unbearable conditions. They are affected by the lack of food, clean water and mediacl treatment leading to the spread of diseases.

This is not a crisis like any other. The tsunami affected almost all countries at the Atlantic Ocean: at least 10.000 people have been killed, an uncountable number of people is missing. This is a worldwide crisis and it requires worldwide actions. Amnesty International urges you to work together in every single committee in order to ensure that sufficient humanitarian help will be provided. You have to overcome hostilities and disunity and unite as citizens of theworld. We are all affected by the crisis and we all have to do our best to help the people who are harmed most. We strongly urge you to spare no expenses to help those in need. Now it it is within your responsibility to find ways to finance the rescue of those who are still in danger, to provide those who are already rescued from the most urgent peril with water, nutrition, medication and shelter as well as to finance the rebuilding of communities and infrastructure that has been destroyed.

Of course it is not a simple task; dozens of countries are affected, hundreds of thousands of people are in danger. But as delegates of all countries of this world it is your task to work together, regardless of any disunities you may have, and provide the countries in need and organizations capable to help with all financial support they need. We are all affected and we all have to do our best to solve this crisis. This is the only way to deal with the current situation in a way that ensures the best humanitarian conditions possible. As delegates of the whole world, it is your moral obligation to do everything in your power to solve this crisis and to provide those in need with the best help possible.

Amnesty  International, 24 February 2017


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