Short interview with Mariya Denysenko – Delegate of Portugal in lieu of recent earthquake and tsunami

Xinhua: What is the situation in Portugal right now?

Mariya Denysenko: The situation in Portugal is very dire right now with thousands affected by the flooding and instability. At this time we are maintaining support with our EU partners in handling this calamity as well as forming committees with different areas affected by the disasters. Our goal is to find united resolutions by engaging with other countries during this time of crisis.

Xinhua: What are you looking for from the international community?

MD: Portugal desperately needs help from NGOs such as Doctors without Borders, Amnesty International and Greenpeace to name a few and would like them to reach out to Portugal at this time if they have not done so already. There is an immediate need for providing warmth, food and dry shelter to displaced citizens. Maybe Amnesty International can also help with this. Now is the time for NGOs and countries to unite their efforts together in order to assist Portugal.


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