Some help, others fly

According to the tsunami “Gregor” the Russian delegation does the first helpful step but does not see any movement on the world stage. The Federation of Russia is going to make a first move and wants to build a humanitarian aid center in Fès, the biggest still standing city in Morocco. The Russian delegation wants to employ about 8.000 service people including special engineers and doctors to help rebuilt the coastline. Moreover, the Russian Federation declares that the Unites States of America should bring their people to safety and cooperate, instead of only limiting their help by overflying the coasts. The Russian delegation asks the world community to join in their efforts to install a humanitarian aid center in Fès. In this center it is possible to coordinate all actions to help at the West African coast effectively. Furthermore, the Federation of Russia is hopefully cooperating with China and Egypt. China is interested in joining the Russian efforts and Egypt tries to help as much as their financial situation allows. The delegation of Russia is still waiting for a financial assessment about the costs of the aid programme to involve more countries.

Russia Today


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