The Day of Death

It is the worst natural catastrophe in Europe since decades:

In the night of the 24th February an earthquake, just 120 Km off the coast of Portugal in the atlantic ocean, caused a tsunami with horrible extent. Parts of Spain, Portugal and Africa were flooded before people could escape. Tsunami „Gregor“, as the press calls it, killed about 10.000 people and made more than 100.000 homeless.  Portugal and Spain declared a state of emergency. Maria Williams, a BBC reporter, was live in  flooded Lisbon and said that the situation was still very unclear and that rescue teams are trying to help the people.

Three hours after the earthquake,  12 meter high waves arrived Great Britain and Ireland. A lot of people could escape and were evacuated but 200 people are still missing.

The European Union promised to help the concerned countries.

The situation in  Africa is still very unclear. Morocco, Senegal, Mauritania and Gambia have also been hit by tsunami waves. Big areas of Morocco were flooded and efforts to contact the capital has been interrupted. More than 70.000 people are said to be affected.

South America, Canada and the USA are getting prepared for the tsunami waves. Big parts of the east coast were already evacuated. The waves are expected at 11:30 am (PST).

Le Figaro will stay up to date for you and inform you about new information.

Le Figaro, 24 February 2017

Leonie Wagner



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