Xinhua on the General Assembly’s response to the Tsunami crisis

The General Assembly (GA), whose main focus at this years MUN is to raise awareness on the issue of achieving food security and promoting sustainable agriculture, has spent most of today discussing upon a joint resolution on how to respond to the current crisis of tsunami “Gregor”. Despite the fact that immediate responses are expected from all member countries the General Assembly seems to be short of a common strategy. Although almost all countries agree upon the necessity to provide aid to countries that have been hit hard. A decisive action plan with concrete information has not yet been communicated to the public. What’s further noticeable is the fact that there are several small groups trying to come up with a resolution. These range from a European lead group to a group with the geographical focus of Asia. The European group consists of countries like Sweden, Germany, France, Albania and the UK as sponsors as well as Spain and Norway but also Burundi and South Sudan as signatures. The Asian group is an alliance of Russia, Vietnam, India, China and Kazakhstan. Whilst the former is viewed as rather being a paper-tiger by other delegates, meaning that their long, intensive discussions lead to little decisive action. The latter group describes itself as an “Asian action group”. Unlike the European members who “invest a lot of time in discussing and writing papers” the Asian alliance is focused on “actually helping”, as one delegate states. It will be interesting to see which trend will be followed by each country once a common strategy will be released.


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