Tsunami causes panic across Europe and Northern Africa

More than 10,000 feared to be affected.

An undersea earthquake measuring 9.2 on the Richter scale and 120 kilometers off the coast of Portugal resulted in a tsunami that devastated large parts of the coastal regions of Portugal and Spain. Both nations have declared a state of emergency and Emergency Services are aiding with disaster relief efforts; the death toll in Portugal is estimated to be around 2000 casualties, however yet exact numbers are unclear. Large part of Lisbon are flooded and it is unclear how many people were affected as many are yet to be recovered. Authorities in Lisbon have established an Emergency Command Centre to further assess the situation.

In Spain, it is feared that more than 500 people are either dead or missing as the tsunami hit its coast. Coastal Cities in both Ireland and Great Britain were able to evacuate their cities, yet 50 casualties have been reported and 200 missing. Large parts of Morocco have been razed by the tsunami and all efforts to established communication to Rabat were unsuccessful. It is unclear what the situation is, however it has been estimated that roughly 70,000 people could potentially be affected; Senegal, Mauritania and Gambia have also suffered from the tsunami. The EU has pledged to provide help to all affected regions. Whilst in the Americas, preparations were taken for the incoming waves that are expected to hit the coasts of the American Continent.

FAZ, 24 February 2017



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