Tsunami “Greogor” about to hit the US coast!

As a result of an earthquake 120km off the Portuguese coast, a huge tsunami hit the coastal regions of Europe and West Africa. It measured 9,2 on the Richter scale and is therefore one of the biggest earthquakes ever recorded. With waves up to 12m high, the water was partly covering 3km inland. The consequences are enormous as there is an estimated number of 10.000 people dead, including tourists from various countries. As Portugal and Spain have declared a state of emergency, rescue works have already started in all affected areas. The help is desperately needed because even though the alarm systems were able to alert authorities but most people were still not able to flee due to the short time between the earthquake and the tsunami . The EU promised to send help as soon as possible.

American, Canadian and South American countries already started evacuating their coast areas as the tsunami waves are expected to arrive here at 11.30am. As per usual President Trump looks for a scapegoat according to his twitter post “Bad dudes responsible?!” – we are not exactly sure who he refers to but at least this post does not insult any South Americans for once.

New York Times 24 February 2017



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