USA attacks Moroccan refugee camp, blames Russia

American air strikes hit refugee camp and military base in Morocco, 50 dead.

After releasing a very vague statement blaming Russia for interfering with American pilots, the USA remains secretive in regards to the allegations of an unprecedented attack on Morocco. In an attempt to hear all sides of the story, representatives of press agencies and NGOs gathered in the Security Council, only to be excluded along with Morocco and Mauritania.

Morocco was more than willing to bring the public up to date: After being denied support by not only the EU but also the Security Council in light of Tsunami Gregor and the disappearance of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Morocco was very thankful for the Russian Federation’s helping hand. Russia installed a humanitarian aid center in Fez, actively providing aid to Morocco and other Western African countries affected by the ongoing crisis. Morocco was more than shocked upon reports of missiles striking a Moroccan refugee camp and military base, originating from an American naval base.

The motives remain unclear, with parties speculating whether or not the American attack was meant to provoke Russia, or if it perhaps had something to do with the unstable government changes. Either way, innocent lives were lost and keeping the public in the dark only adds to fear and confusion.

Al Jazeera, Moritz Otto


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  1. Moritz Otto is assisting terrorist traitors that are BAD for America! We need to get along with Russia! Fake news! Sad!


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