Amnesty would like to draw attention to the situation of refugees and stateless persons in some countries.

Some countries in the Human Rights Council (HRC) defend human rights but in fact, they do not respect those rights in their own country. For example, Amnesty International would like to denounce the difficult situations and the violation of different rights of refugees who came to Russia, Congo and China.

In Russia on the 1 079 requests about the refugee status filed, only 96 received a positive answer. None of Syrian immigrants have obtained this status. The NGOs are denouncing the corruption and the false information in Russia which have prevented these people from asking for asylum temporarily or permanently. Moreover, cases of forced return to Uzbekistan and other countries of Central Asia are regularly signalled. People have returned to those countries under the threat of torture or general violation of their fundamental rights.

In the same way China keeps on ignoring the obligation of non-exclusions planned by the international law. For example, some North Koreans are forced to return to their country where they could be put in jail, subjected to torture and forced labour.

Finally, Amnesty International would like to say a few words about the situation of refugees and stateless persons in the Congo. People have been arrested and placed in detention centres where they did not have access to water, adequate food or appropriate bed and sanitarian and hygienic installations. NGOs were not allowed to go to these centres. The government did not provide any data about this operation.

Amnesty emphazises that those countries and others concerned act concretely to change these kinds of situations.


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