“We must all work together”

The African Union holds an emergency caucus regarding the tsunami crisis

Today, the African Union met in an emergency caucus to discuss how to cope with the critical situation regarding the impact of the tsunami. They agreed to all work together and tried to come up with a strategy to help the affected countries fast and effectively.

The delegation of Senegal, as one of the most affected countries, is hoping for help especially from South Africa, South Sudan and Nigeria to stabilize the situation. Additionally, the African countries are grateful for funds from Russia, China, and the USA.

They are still hoping for the World Bank to assist them as well.

The honorable delegates of the African Union are currently working on an emergency plan. It may include sending about 60 helicopters (30 by South Africa), and four regiments of soldiers to Senegal, Mauritania, Morocco and the Western coast of Africa to provide emergency camps, medicine, and assistance.

They also agreed to appeal to Doctors without Borders to cooperate with the rescue efforts.

The delegate of Ethiopia stressed the importance of sending rescuers to the flooded areas as fast as possible due to the immediacy of the event.

The Star | 24/02/2017


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