Al Jazeera: Portuguese Republic disappointed by resolution passed in General Assembly

The situation in Portugal still chaotic one week after “Tsunami Gregor” hit it coasts – Al Jazeera interviews Portuguese delegation.

Portuguese Republic: The Republic of Portugal is deeply devastated by the crisis and it’s disappointed by how it played out. It wants European countries and the global community to cooperate in order to find a sustainable solution for this crisis, because many people are dead as a result of this devastating tsunami. This catastrophe in Europe is the biggest in decades! Of course we express our condolences to all of the victims, but we want to emphasize that only together we can overcome this issue. Countries should stop working on their own problems. Instead we should focus ourselves on current issues and try to find the most common solution as soon as possible, as more and more people are suffering from this disaster.

Al Jazeera: Didn’t the GA pass a resolution concerning the crisis? Does Portugal not think that it was enough?

Portuguese Republic: People are not in a stable situation, which is why further precautions should be made, because otherwise the situation cannot be stabilized. Our only interest lies in our country and the countries that have suffered from the tsunami being safe again and no more people dying.

Al Jazeera: Did you vote in favor for the resolution?

Portuguese Republic: Yes.

Al Jazeera: Why, if it’s not enough?

Portuguese Republic: Portugal thought it would be enough, but it has been more than one week since the tsunami hit and it has not been enough. Today I will move to come together to find a new solution for this problem.

Al Jazeera


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