+++CRISIS UPDATE: Locust Swarms and Nationalism!+++

The situation in the Kingdom of Morocco seems to be getting better. The government accepted the new young King as the legitimate King of Morocco, making him the current youngest reigning monarch in the world with just fourteen years. However, until the new King has reached adulthood his Uncle, the third in the line of succession, will take care of the political proceedings in the Kingdom of Morocco as the Prince Regent. This helped with easing tension within the country, and the military being unified again and helping in the regions affected by tsunami “Gregor”. Furthermore, the African Union is debating about sending more humanitarian aid or even a stabilizing mission to Morocco to further help with the relief efforts and Cameroon, Angola, Togo, Senegal and Ethiopia pledged to send troops to help Morocco. Even though migration from Morocco to neighbouring Algeria and Spain has decreased since the situation improved, there are still many Moroccans who are seeking refuge in Algeria and the European Union.

This leads to further tension within the European Union countries, were right-wing parties and movements are on the rise. In Poland the “National Revival of Poland” party has gained more and more support due to the fear of immigrants from northern Africa and with local and municipal elections in Poland ahead the government is also taking a more and more right-wing stance on immigration.

Meanwhile, the Republic of Congo is facing a severe crisis in its country. A massive locust swarm is leaving a path of devastation and famine across the country! They are not only destroying the local harvests, but also the harvests of their economic export goods of sugar and tobacco. As the people of the Republic of Congo are dependent on their exports to get food into their country, they are afraid to suffer a great famine. No one knows how to cope with the situation as there are not enough insecticides available to prevent the harvests from being destroyed by the locust swarm.


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