+++Crisis Update: Terrorism in Germany+++

A few hours ago a bomb exploded in northern Germany, in the capital Berlin. So far 22 people are confirmed dead. The explosion took place near the residency of chancellor Angela Merkel, who was not harmed during the attack. Soon after the terrorist attack the German government declared a state of emergency. As of now, nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack, but right-wing parties in Germany are already calling for stricter regulation on immigration. A spokesperson of the Alternative for Democracy, a right-wing party represented in several local councils in Germany, stated on twitter: “It’s clear who is to blame for this attack. Illegal immigration, radical islam and Angela Merkel. Thanks Merkel!!!1!”

German police have asked the people of Berlin to stay home, because for now the perpetrators still seem to be on the loose. According to security footage the bomb was located in a car, that has been left in the street a few hours before the bomb exploded.


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