Greenpeace: Climate Change in Modern Times

In times of globalization, there are also numerous global problems that have to be addressed. One of the most challenging issue at the moment is climate change. Increased floods and droughts, the sea level rising and the ice on the North Pole melting are just a few examples of how climate change is modifying the planet. Tsunamis like Gregor are not especially caused by climate change but get more compounded by the rising temperatures. The planet has and will always adapt to the changes and human beings will not be able to make a huge difference in that. From the big trees in the rainforest to the small plants in your garden, from the majestic lions in the savannah to your little pet dog, they are all affected. Climate change is a threat for your secure live especially because it is a global problem and can’t be stopped by borders. Current events show what a tragic and dramatic effect natural disasters have on us. Many countries are already working on that issue which have resulted to treaties like the Kyoto Protocol or the Paris Agreement. However, these treaties aren’t signed by every country. To effectively work on any global issue the whole global community has to take part in finding solutions. It is really important to make this the number one priority because looking at it from a long-term perspective this is the most concerning issue.


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