Le Figaro: Interview with the French Delegation by


Le Figaro: In the SC, some states are working on a paper that effectively addresses climate change. How does France contribute? 

Representative of France to the Security Council: We’re working on a paper and so far everyone is in agreement with us and we’re still working on the details. We’re still in discussion, as there are a few points we’re not completely agreeing with, but wer are very open and of course we want to find a resolution that every country is ok with. We’ve done a lot to help other countries so far, so that they are in better positions also regarding the crisis.


Foreign Minister in the Council of the EU: We spent 2.2 Million Euros for Senegal and we also provided agricultural help for Kenya. Also, we spent additional funding for the establishment of the European Emergency Response Task Force.

Representative of France to the General Assembly: In the GA, we wrote a resolution yesterday concerning yesterday’s crisis and we have created the Global Emergency Response Unit (GERU). Its task is to help cope with different situations, like water shortages and sanitation, food and health organisation in order to react promptly around the world in case of a crisis.

Le Figaro: Regarding the crisis in Morocco at the moment, how does France intend to react?

Foreign Minister, EU: We are ready to fund any needed operations in Morocco, provided that the security of French personnel will be guaranteed.

Delegate in the GA: Since we’re not the only country involved in the situation and not the only country that is willing to help, we are currently waiting on what help is actually needed so we can send deployment that is necessary.

Foreign minister, EU: We are also working on establishing additional funding for Senegal and Congo.

Representative in the UNSC: It is also very important that we work closely together with Senegal due to our history together, as it is a former colony, and of course we’re still very connected and only want the best for Senegal. We’re trying our best to help as much and as fast as possible.

Foreign Minister, EU: France will also send its qualified medical personnel to the Congo to help prevent the spreading of the diseases there.

Le Figaro: Regarding today’s tensions between the US and Russia caused by the rumours about the US invading Spain and Russia having deployed a nuclear bomb that was the reason for tsunami „Gregor“, what was France’s reaction?

Foreign Minister, EU: Our intelligence has received information that the attack on Spain was never planned by higher levels of the US government and considering some recent events in the US we believe that some of the officials might not be so credible and that’s the reason why this news appeared in the mass media.

Representative to the UNSC: Also, the G5 in the SC had a talk and so far there is no concern about nuclear weapons. Right now nobody is planning anything. There are also no threats yet concerning nuclear weapons and the ambassador of the US actually told us that it’s all „fake news“. Of course we have our own opinion. We stay open and remain in close contact with the US in order to work out something together. Concerning the G5 there is no threat from nuclear weapons right now.

Le Figaro: What is the delegates opinion on the upcoming spread of Populism in Europe and especially France?

Foreign Minister, EU: The current administration of France does not approve the rise of populism. Our agenda is to protect our people and provide best social security for all and not just specific groups, such as Christians.

Representative to the GA: Let us make very clear that we have people of all ethnicities in our country and until there is some change of that, these people are considered French people and part of our country. Therefore, we ask all people to show more respect for each other and don’t publicize something that is not real and just creates threat towards each other, from each other. That is not necessary.

Le Figaro


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