New York Times: Is Russia growing into the role of the world police?

The United States of America have been known as the world police for the last decades and have always lived up to that role. Now that Trump has been elected, this seems to be changing and the question is: Who is going to take up on that job?

We have talked to the American delegation, at least we tried. What we got from them is irritating. They simply deny the existence of climate change – because there is still snow falling. One of the delegates tried to substantiate this statement in a quite unique way:
“When the first humans came to Europe they came in the winter and as it got warmer they all came up with this idea of global warming. And as we look back on that we would call them stupid.” We are just going to leave this uncommented…

We then had a way more interesting conversation with a delegate of the Russian Federation who, against our expectations, was very open and willing to answer all our questions.

“Russia firmly believes that Trump, as a democratically elected president has every right to make the policies that he deems to be appropriate. Though we (…) urge the American government to make clear what standpoints it has on the various issues that we have been debating in the security council as well as in the other committees.

The biggest problem is not the isolation but the unwillingness to take action. We have seen that in (various) committees where the United States have been reluctant to support or to start any projects. Since our project to build a humanitarian aid centre in Fez, Morocco has now been confirmed, we are urging the US to cooperate by providing labour as well as financial aid.

We have a unilateral approach together with the Moroccan government which is the aid project. We are going to try and also gather support from the world bank and other countries. So far it is just Russia that has spent a substantial amount of money on that project. We therefore hope that the world community is going to take part in this project.”

We are hoping that America will realise the importance of helping each other and that they take the Russian actions as an example for solidarity.

New York Times, NK, JH


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