NYT: American delegates out of place?

As we were informed about the American government trying to get a plan through that implies to attack Spain, we tried to talk to the delegates. As usual they did not say anything but “fake news” and later on tried to blame this on Russia, saying that they would have given us this information just to put America in a bad light.

Let us look back on the past days and the statements as well as the actions that were made by the American delegates. First of all, in the 21st Century, most of the delegates have denied that  climate change exists. Telling us stupid stories which we have published already, answering with “yes” or “no” and not being able to state full sentences at least four of them seem to feel like they are Donald Trump himself. Red ties and stupid hats underline this statement as well as the handful of sentences they keep repeating like “Make America (or just anything else) great again!” or “Fake press”. Now let’s come to the actions: the US government is supporting a 14-year-old boy to become the next leader of Morocco by flying several US fighter jets into the Moroccan airspace, attacking the military base as well as a camp for people fleeing from the areas affected by the tsunami. We have no words for this.

Those questionable actions are then usually followed by America blaming Russia for it in some ridiculous way and stating for example “The USA hopes to maintain great relations with Morocco and all other nations and that this situation does not escalate.” We are not entirely sure if there is just some general confusion going on between the delegates or if they are actually serious about this.

Furthermore, they spread fake news themselves which is just as ridiculous as everything else that comes out of their mouth like saying that Russia dropped some bomb which apparently triggered the Tsunami. Considering the fact that they were not even able to inform themselves about the climate change this idea doesn’t really surprise us.

We come to the conclusion that most of the American delegates are out of place. They are surely not mature enough to make decisions that will in the end affect all of us. Them having snacks and checking Instagram during unmoderated caucuses while the reputation of America gets worse every minute and the world is going through one crisis after another shows how little they actually care in the end.

We want to distance ourselves from every press release the delegates have made and from their positions in general and we recommend for all the other delegates to do so as well.

New York Times, NK, JH


One comment

  1. Stop press! Chair of unep actively encouraging snacking and getting coffee during an unmoderated caucus! Why are you not reporting this too?! Is it snacking you don’t like, or just American snacking?


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