+++ Press Release +++

The Congo – a driving force for humanitarian aid in UNEP

While the Congo is falsely being accused of human rights violations, it ministers to have them secured by pushing actions for humanitarian aid in West-African crisis areas in the United Nations Environmental Assembly (UNEA).

Disconcertingly the Republic of Congo has become a victim of questionable accusations posed by the western NGO Amnesty International. Measures that necessarily were taken to protect national security seem to have been misinterpreted purposely. The Republic of Congo condemns this attempt to undermine its national sovereignty.

On the contrary the Congo is proving to be a pivotal actor in the UNEA when it comes safeguarding the Human Right to Water and Sanitation. Along with France, Germany and the Czech Republic, the Congo is sponsoring a Resolution to take immediate and longer-term action on environmental destruction in the Western-African states affected by the recent crisis. Special focus is being put onto the provision of clean drinking water for people under crisis.

Republik of Congo


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