+++ Press Release +++

Algeria calls for international support

Dear international community,

at this very moment, millions of Moroccan refugees are trying to find shelter in Algeria as a consequence of devastating Tsunami „Gregor“ First aid, emergency accommodation and nutrition are provided. But Algeria itself has been affected by the Tsunami- around 200.000 people are affected at the coastal regions and many people have lost their lives. The whole damage cannot be estimated yet. Additionally, Algeria shelters already a huge amount of refugees from many African countries including 90 000 refugees from Western Sahara.

During the last days we could witness several attempts within the international community to provide immediate aid to all areas affected- acts of true international solidarity. Algeria has played already a very active part in setting up an aid packet within the African Union and the world Bank and has promised to contribute to the programme by providing 20 helicopters to help victims.

But the crisis is not over and Algeria is acting on its limits. We urgently ask for financial help provided by the international community. 400 Million US-Dollar would be a realistic sum to be able to keep up the aid to 2 million refugees for two weeks. Without help we cannot keep up aiding the millions of Tsunami victims in our country, which would lead to a devastating humanitarian crisis and a potential massive migratory wave to Europe.

We would be more than thankful about any approach to our delegation on behalf of this topic personally or via a directive.

The delegation of the People‘s Democratic Republic of Algeria.


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