+++Press Release by Russia+++

Our intelligence revealed that the attacks on humanitarian aid facilities in Morocco have been planned and carried our by terrorists calling themselves ‘Polisario Front’. In order to secure our allies in Western Africa, we are doing anything to keep them safe. Also, the recent attacks by the United States made it necessary to secure Morocco from further intervention, in order to ensure that their sovereignity remains untouched. Unsetteling reports of terror attacks on refugee camps and a grave human rights situation in Morocco caused us to set up a military base in Morocco’s southern provinces, showing to the Moroccan people and the world that the Russian Federation strongly supports Morocco’s claim and recognizing that the southern provinces are indeed an integral part of Morocco. In accordance with international law, the Moroccan Government has agreed to this action. This action has nothing to do with our strong wish, to further operate our humanitarian aid base in Fez, from where we coordinate further aid missions, including missions to the Congo. We invite all peace-loving states to cooperate with us on all matters, including humanitarian aid, peacekeeping and securing the sovereignity of the nations.

Delegation of Russia


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