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The delegation of Qatar would like to offer his faithful condolences for all victims of warfare, terror and natural disasters. Indeed, for many years the emirate has tried by all means to help those in need whatever they are coming from. We firmly believe that international cooperations can avoid terrorism. As a member of the United Nations since 1971, we have initiated reforms in order to comply with the particular idea of the universality of human rights advocated by the “democratic regimes of the West”. Firstly, in June 2005, Qatar’s first written constitution came into effect, providing for democratic reforms: according to article 35, “all persons are equal before the law and that there shall be no discrimination whatsoever on grounds of sex, race, language or religion”. In addition, in order to strengthen these reforms, a National Human Rights Committee was established in 2002 and reorganized in 2010. It is now accredited with “A” status by the International Coordination Committee of National Human Rights Institutions. The National Committee undertakes important work to enhance the protection of the human rights of migrants in Qatar. The Delegation of Qatar


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