Press Release: Council of the European Union

Good morning people of the world,

After having been comprehensively briefed about the past events, we want to have our say on the United States attacking Morocco. We want to strongly condemn any infringement on sovereignty but in light of the disaster that had already occurred in Morocco these actions seem even more devious. Therefore, we urge the United States to immediately offer extensive humanitarian aid to the Moroccan populous. However, we condemn capital punishment in any form and therefore urge Morocco to grant basic human rights to every human being, even the most evil criminals.

Further, we urge all victims to not lose faith and to not give up in these dark times! Help is on its way!

On another note, the Council of the European Union has unanimously passed a comprehensive resolution on the current crisis caused by “Gregor“. We decided upon the immediate creation of the “European Emergency Response Task Force“ funded with approximately 100 Million USD in order to offer quick and efficient disaster relief. In line with our unconditional support for the people of Cap Verde the European Union laid the framework for rescue missions and streamlined asylum application from Cap Verde into countries of the European Union.

So, we are confident that help will soon arrive in all affected areas and that many lives have been saved yesterday.


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