Press Release: Mauritania

Mauritania asked its secret service to proof the Purges-Affair. They found out that we have been hacked. We do not know who is the author of this sabotage-mission , but we do not exclude the possibility that the Mossad could be involved. Hence we kindly ask Israel to ensure that that they are not involved in this. It is unbelievable that somebody dares to offend such a weak and poor country as we are in these grave hours, facing an entire displaced population and lost all its fertile land. We invite everyone, especially Europe, to come and see the facts — poverty instead of purges.
Amnesty International seems just to copy articles of Russia Today.
But we forgive them this faux pas. Everyone errors sometimes. We express our will to work with them and others together in future, respecting each other and fighting those so called Muslims who abuse our faith on a shameful purpose.

Thank you and may Allah protect you,

Maximilian Arndt,
Foreign minister of Mauritania


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