Press Release: UNEP

Press statement by the United Nations Environmental Assembly

The members of the United Nations Environmental Assembly (UNEA) want to express their deep condolences to all countries affected by the natural disaster “Gregor”. In this emergency, all countries have to work together to provide basic supplies to people in dire need. Especially the access to clean drinking water should be enabled which can be achieved through a coordinated disaster risk response. The United Nations Environmental Assembly has adopted a Resolution on the employment of the Joint UNEP / OCHA Environment Unit in Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia and further western African countries. This is a body of the UNEP’s Disasters & Conflict sub-programme that can provide expert knowledge about coordination in acute environmental disaster situations.
Furthermore, the UNEA has adopted a resolution to employ a Post-Conflict and Disaster Mission as follow up to the short-term mechanism agreed on today.

We hope that the cooperation of all committees achieves a fast stabilization of the areas affected.

Yes UNEP cares.


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