Water Scarcity: Statement by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) at UNEP

The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) believes that we live in hydraulic societies. The social structure of hydraulic networks represents the notion that if the government controls the water supply it can control the society. In other words, with crude oil, you control a nation and their respective economy but if you control the water supply, you control each and every human being. Therefore, some nations strongly believe and emphasize that an equal access to water should be guaranteed and thus mitigate water scarcity through cooperation. Moreover, the Republic of France is ready to enhance more in-depth studies and research about water scarcity, water supply and the contamination of water with the support of EFPIA. The EFPIA will provide real-life data about the progress of these studies.

We would like to take note of the following  developments during the session at the UNEP: The Russian Federation mentioned the recurrent challenges of connecting remote regions to water supply.The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia argued that since the 1970´s is tackles the issue of water scarcity. Today, it is a leader in the development of water systems but it needs more cooperation and harmonization of its projects in the Middle East because those projects are connected with high cost and high energy supply. The Republic of Zambia is keen to develop and maintain a water and sanitation system, which increase the health conditions for its population. EFPIA, as a leading European research platform can offer suitable know-how to tackle many health issues.The Federal Republic of Germany states that a sustainable infrastructure for water supply must be progressed.

The EFPIA is ready to help and advance public policies that address climate change and water scarcity. Therefore, we do not fully agree with the United States of America, which claims that climate change is not man-made since we still have snow falling and the snow in the mountains and the Arctic are not melting. The honorable delegate from USA at the UNEP is ignoring the fact that climate change has a man-made component.

However, the USA acknowledges the cost of climate change and is ready to advocate pre-emptive actions to reduce the cost of climate change. In other words, poor and rich states disagree on who should bear the costs of fighting global warming.

Thus, the EFPIA, like the USA, believes that the business community must participate in a meaningful-way to promote science-based solutions for a better supply of water and the mitigation of water scarcity. In distance, the USA is not just presenting and supporting alternative facts but it is representing pro-facts, which means that it uses facts, which support and work in their own interest.


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