„We don’t want another Libya to happen in the African Union!“

In light of the current crisis in Morocco, the African Union is debating on whether or not to send a peace keeping mission to Morocco. In order to give an account on the current situation, the representative of Morocco to the Security Council was also present and endorsed a stabilization and military, as well as humanitarian aid package. In consideration of their situation, the delegate stated: „We don’t want another Libya to happen in the African Union“.

As the situation between Morocco and the United States is becoming more and more tense, an American intervention is seen as undesirable by many of the Member States of the African Union.
However, some countries oppose to a peace keeping mission delegated by the African Union, as the situation within their own borders is too unstable at the moment. „South Sudan is struggling with civil war and famine and has been asking the African Union for help for quite a long time now. However, they are not addressing our issues and sending help to Morocco seems… unbalanced and unfair.“ The delegate of South Sudan believes, that the African Union sending troops to Morocco would be a wrong allocation of resources and help should rather come from their Western allies. Furthermore, Morocco should reestablish their relationship with the USA, as they shouldn’t want to upset them.
As for now, the motion for sending a peace keeping mission to Morocco has not passed and countries are still debating.

Le Figaro


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