+++Crisis Update: IS Claims Responsibility for Berlin Bombing, Further Suspects Investigated+++

Police are still unsure who is behind the car bombing in the capital of Germany. In a Press Conference this morning German police officials stated, that they are investigating two major leads, but did not want to comment further. One of the leads is most likely connected to a video published by the Islamic State, claiming responsibility for the attack. Intelligence sources confirmed the authenticity of the video, but also pointed out that the Islamic State often claims responsibility for attacks, even if it’s not 100% certain if they were actually behind the attack.

Other journalists heard from sources inside the German police that the police is also investigating possible connections of right-wing extremist networks to the attack in Berlin, but the reports on that are quite vague.

In Morocco the situation is becoming more and more stable. Many countries of the international community pledged money to rebuild the areas affected by tsunami “Gregor” and people who had to flee from these regions are currently living in a multitude of refugee camps quickly established by several member states of the UN. Furthermore, the Russian Government, in cooperation with Morocco, started building a military camp in Morocco and send a number of troops and ships to Morocco to help with further disaster relief. The Algerian government is also investigating human rights violations in a refugee camp near the Moroccan border and Amnesty International is aiding the government in their efforts to uncover these unfortunate wrongdoings.

In Greece, the general strike in the public sector has ended after the government withdrew their proposal to cut a significant amount of its social budget for the benefit of its military budget.

The UN Security Council is currently debating on a resolution dealing with grave human rights violations in Mauritania. News reports revealed, that the Mauritanian government used the confusion in the aftermath of the tsunami to get rid of minority groups. Amnesty International condemned these actions, while the Mauritanian government claims these reports are false and were perpetrated by Israel.


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