FAZ: Growth but not growing? Senegal´s take on tackling poverty and climate change migration

Senegal´s population doubled in the last 20 years, with annual growth rates higher than 2%. The average fertility rate is 5.3 which means that the average Senegal woman gives birth to five children in her lifetime. Still the rate differs depending to the different regions in Senegal. In urban areas the fertility rate is approximately 4 while in countryside is up to about 6.

Officials stated that this is one of the reasons why they cannot take everyone in a school. This is not the only strain on the social systems in the Republic of Senegal. Due to the climate change, the agricultural productivity is lowered because of the floods and droughts. This leads to the fact, that people are moving to the cities uncontrollably, bad living conditions and youth unemployment. The status symbol “international immigrant” is spread in the Republic of Senegal as cities act as gates towards Europe and the United States.

“If the countries in the EU, the US and the OECD wish to receive less immigrants from Africa and  hear less about hunger periodically they need to help the African governments to spread the word about lower birth rates by investing in educational programs as well as knowledge transfer on agricultural productivity”, as stated by the delegate of Senegal.


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