Le Figaro: Climate Change is a threat to international security!

In an important, new resolution the UN Security Council declares Climate Change as a threat to the international security and peace. „It is an important issue, that needs to be discussed and is debatable in the Security Council“, said the delegate of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. The Security Council is also putting emphasis on the small islands and developing nations, which are currently threatened from disappearing. The delegates are asking the international community not only to put more funding into relevant information, but also to open to the public and pay special attention to refugees. Sadly, a lot of people are fleeing from climate change. The Security Council is asking other organisations, especially the World Bank, the Environment Council and the Human Rights Council to address this issue in the future as well. The resolution encourages all member states to realize the Paris Agreement and further improve their actions preventing climate migration. It also emphasizes the importance of investment in nuclear and renewable energies to the reduction of greenhouse gases worldwide.
The resolution was sponsored by the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Japan and Uruguay. In the voting procedure every country voted in favour (China was uncommitted).  The delegate of France told Le Figaro, that she is personally very proud of the resolution and happy that everyone worked so well together. Every country in the Security Council is willing to fight against climate change.


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