+++ Press Release +++

The Republic of the Congo would like to thank all the nations which expressed their condolence about the crisis in our country.

Our thanks go especially to the European Union, the World Bank and India which have shown great efforts to save our people from famine and death, even if the General Assembly and UNEP did not care about it.

The Republic could keep the swarm of locusts at bay by using herbal pesticides sent by some african nations. These pesticides just protect the fields against the insects and don’t affect the nature at all. Therefore the soil is still fertile and the country will be able to rebuild his agricultural sector. Furthermore the peolpe could be provided with food packages from Europe and medical aid from India.

Currently the government is working on the establishment of a system to rebuild and restructure the agriculture in a sustainable way. This includes educational programs for the farmers and the installation of emergency boxes with the remaining pesticides. As soon as this system is established, the Republic of the Congo would like to introduce it to other african coutries and to support the creation of an international fund to assist developing countries with the implementation of a sustainable agriculture.

The Republic of the Congo


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