Australia would like to reduce the coil export and at the same time increase the amount of renewable energy. We want to use the huge amout of sun in Australia to build solar panels in order to use the sun’s energy. Furthermore we would like to use the our coasts to build wind panels to use wind energy. On the other hand we offer our sponsors a technology for water recycling as they can use this technology for their coountry themselves. We would also like to help Bangladesh by expanding and building up renewable energies and use our technology to use water more efficiently and recyle it. Our sponsors are: Germany, Japan, China, South Korea, USA, India, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Swiss. Each sponsor paid 10.000.000 USD to help this project. We also support this project with 20.000.000 USD of out own budget. Saudi Arabia and the Swiss shares 10.000.000 USD as each pays 5 mio $. We work very deep with Amnesty International and Greenpeace. At this point we would like to thank all our sponsors and NGOs. Australia has invested all the money for the promised projects. We hope that our teamwork with the other countries stay as close and we would like to intensify our connections.


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