PBC – Day 3 – passed Resolution on the Reconciliation of Post-war countries –

The Peace Building Committee has passed a resolution regarding the topic “Reconciliation in post-war countries”. Over the last days, it has continuously been stressed that the national governments and the existing programs and structures must be recognized and respected. The main content of the passed resolution is as follows:

  • Recommendation to strengthening national government structures and rebuilding trust in government’s legitimacy by forming inclusive executive bodies that secure the representation of all affected groups in the population.
  • Include all conflict parties in formulating peace agreements that have been facilitated in compliance with international community, regional bodies and organisations
  • Grant free and democratic elections, ensured by electoral observation missions that are in compliance with the nation’s culture and tradition.
  • Enforce regional organisations and bodies to ensure the dialogue between different groups of the conflict.

The resolution shows a new perspective on the UN’s dealing with reconciliation. Kenya summed it up by saying that the resolution consists of inclusive and innovative approaches that combine traditional and new measures of reconciliation in a digital era.

The voices of the post-war countries have been heard, but how much impact this resolution will have remains to be seen.


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