+++Crisis update+++

With Armenia and Azerbaijan reaching an agreement on Nagorno-Karabakh a few weeks ago the international community felt relieved. It seemed that a long lasting conflict could finally be resolved. Unfortunately the public opinion in Azerbaijan about the peace deal differed immensely from the decisions that were made by the government. Nationalist protests against the Aliyev government have continued, and if there was any evidence still needed, that Azeris did not agree with their governments decision, the election results from last night are a definite confirmation. With Aliyev only barely reaching a majority in the elections the country is plunging more and more into chaos. Aliyevs ‘New Azerbaijan Party’ gained 51% of the votes in an election which is widely regarded as not adhering to democratic standards anyway. After election results have been published the protests in the streets gained even more traction with more than 50.000 people demonstrating against the government. The economy of Azerbaijan is also struggling, with the impact of the pipeline explosion, which has not been dealt with, and the uncertainty in Azeri politics. Last but not least there seems to be the imminent threat of invasion, with Russian troops still present at the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Several media outlets have voiced their concern, that the international community is not addressing this issue.

In an editorial by The Guardian the newspaper criticised the Security Council for focussing debates on the Situation in the DPRK, while the presidents of the Koreas are engaged in peace talks, and not addressing the Russian troop movements on the territory of sovereign states.

In other news: The Republic of Ireland has shown its support for the British Royal Family, addressing the issue of corgi-food-shortage with sending additional dog-food to the UK. Also, Vatican City today issued a statement saying that Pope Francis will cancel all his appearances scheduled for the next week.


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