Let’s meet MainMUN participants from around the world!

More than 200 people with about 40 different nationalities participate in the Main MUN 2018. Some of them travelled a long way for this experience. During the conference the press team had the chance to meet some international students and got exiting insights on different experiences and challenges during Main MUN 2018. May we introduce…

_MG_0269Ana came all the way from Georgia to participate to the Main MUN conference as a member of the Red Cross. This year she will finish her Master studies in Georgian Linguistics. Unfortunately, she had not much time for sightseeing but is impressed by the mixture of both old and new architecture in Frankfurt. The Main MUN 2018 is her second conference and she would definitely like to participate in her next MUN soon.


Essra learned about the MUN conferences from the internet. Together with a friend she travelled from Egypt to Frankfurt to participate in her first MUN. While she really enjoys the international atmosphere, the Main MUN conference is actually a training for her because she would like to work for the UN in the future. What she finds most interesting about the UN is that different countries can have a completely different political system but at the UN they come together to work on the same topics, not only on political but also on economic and other issues. After her Bachelor studies Essra would like to start her Master studies in Germany or Italy so she might be back in Frankfurt someday.


Ceren (16) and Lina (17), two high school students from Turkey, participate in the Main MUN for the first time, after they had already joined a MUN conference in Istanbul before.

While they did enjoy the city tour through Frankfurt, it is hard for them to deal with the cold weather – even inside during the sessions. Apart from the weather, Lina and Ceren see some other differences between their first MUN conference in Istanbul and the current Main MUN. While there are very young students in Turkey who are even younger than Lina and Ceren, there are many university students here in Frankfurt. Furthermore, the debates are structured a little different. Lina and Ceren believe that the Main MUN conference is a great experience and will help them with their future studies.

When you ask Emmanuel and Enoch where they are from, the question is difficult to answer. Both are Ghanaian but the friends have lived in Qatar for seven years where their parents work. Now they are studying International and European Law in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, the both of them did not enjoy Frankfurt that much but instead the conference even more. Both made many new friends at the MainMUN. At MainMUN they really appreciate the professional atmosphere. They learned a lot while preparing for the topics on digital innovation. As they are thinking that the conference is very beneficial to them, they already recommended next year’s MainMUN to their friends.


Chloe, Axel, Carla, Fan, Servilienne and Arnaud are university students from France who came to Frankfurt together to participate in the MainMUN. It was their first MainMUN conference. At their University at Tours they have a weekly simulation of one UN Committee where they discuss one topic per week. The experience at MainMUN is different because you are actually working on resolution papers. While they are a little disappointed of the lack of debates in their committee all in all they stress that MainMUN is a great experience because it is a good training and quiet a real experience. They also liked Frankfurt as they had not expected it to be a very modern city before they came here.

Katerina is Russian but has lived in Cyprus most of her life. MainMUN 2018 is the fourth MUN conference the 17 years old is participating in. She participated both as a delegate and a journalist before. She really likes the atmosphere because you have to work and think constantly. This helps her to learn more about herself and encourages her to become a journalist. What she likes about MainMUN is that you learn a lot about communication and social acting. She likes the welcoming people in Frankfurt. She has never been to such a huge city and is impressed, that you can find coziness in the old town, although Frankfurt is Europe’s financial centre.

Thanks for sharing your experiences! As there are a lot more nationalities participating we hope that you all take the chance to meet them during the sessions and social events. That will be a great opportunity to exchange views and experiences.



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