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The Star:IS, Kuwait and Qatar. Islamic brothers!?

The delegation of Kuwait stated to the reporter of the Strat, that they would like to protect their Islamic brothers in Iraq from the so called “Moslems” of IS. The delegation of Kuwait wants to assure the people of Iraq that they “come in peace”. But the delegation of
Qatar believes that the IS would rather be able to assure peace than the State of Kuwait.


Le Figaro: Climate Change is a threat to international security!

In an important, new resolution the UN Security Council declares Climate Change as a threat to the international security and peace. „It is an important issue, that needs to be discussed and is debatable in the Security Council“, said the delegate of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. The Security Council is also putting emphasis on the small islands and developing nations, which are currently threatened from disappearing. The delegates are asking the international community not only to put more funding into relevant information, but also to open to the public and pay special attention to refugees. Sadly, a lot of people are fleeing from climate change. The Security Council is asking other organisations, especially the World Bank, the Environment Council and the Human Rights Council to address this issue in the future as well. The resolution encourages all member states to realize the Paris Agreement and further improve their actions preventing climate migration. It also emphasizes the importance of investment in nuclear and renewable energies to the reduction of greenhouse gases worldwide.
The resolution was sponsored by the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Japan and Uruguay. In the voting procedure every country voted in favour (China was uncommitted).  The delegate of France told Le Figaro, that she is personally very proud of the resolution and happy that everyone worked so well together. Every country in the Security Council is willing to fight against climate change.

Press Release: Mauritania

We sadly recocnized that several countries are still blaming us in the Hacking-Orders-Affair. Due to information published by the secret service of Kuwait which seems to prove an engagement of the Mossad we urgently ask Israel to prove its integrity, especially as they have not contacted us yet what is very suspicious. We are not sure about the persecution of Muslims in Israel. We want to clarify these issues and face the facts. If Israel’s Likud really purges Muslims, we are not willing to collaborate with them anymore and support the rising revolutionary forces. But if they are not, we hope that you overcome your issues with your opponents among your own population as well as those with Palestine. We ask particularly the western world to collaborate with us again!

„Planet Earth first- not America!“ – Interview from Le Figaro with Greenpeace

Le Figaro: A view days ago you started a demonstration in front of the White House. What was the occasion?

Greenpeace: It was important to criticize the current climate policy of the United States of America. Since President Donald Trump is governing, we fear that the USA won’t support the climate protection. It was also a protest against the ignorance of the US toward global warming. The statement of Greenpeace is „Planet Earth first– not America!“

Le Figaro: How was the demonstration?

Greenpeace: Despite the short organisation time, more than 1,500 people came to demonstrate and the protest was peacefully. It was a success for Greenpeace and the Planet Earth as well.

FAZ: Growth but not growing? Senegal´s take on tackling poverty and climate change migration

Senegal´s population doubled in the last 20 years, with annual growth rates higher than 2%. The average fertility rate is 5.3 which means that the average Senegal woman gives birth to five children in her lifetime. Still the rate differs depending to the different regions in Senegal. In urban areas the fertility rate is approximately 4 while in countryside is up to about 6.

Officials stated that this is one of the reasons why they cannot take everyone in a school. This is not the only strain on the social systems in the Republic of Senegal. Due to the climate change, the agricultural productivity is lowered because of the floods and droughts. This leads to the fact, that people are moving to the cities uncontrollably, bad living conditions and youth unemployment. The status symbol “international immigrant” is spread in the Republic of Senegal as cities act as gates towards Europe and the United States.

“If the countries in the EU, the US and the OECD wish to receive less immigrants from Africa and  hear less about hunger periodically they need to help the African governments to spread the word about lower birth rates by investing in educational programs as well as knowledge transfer on agricultural productivity”, as stated by the delegate of Senegal.

+++Crisis Update: Suspects Arrested in Berlin Terror Attack+++

Joint police efforts led to the arrest of one suspect who police believe to be behind the attack in Berlin. The suspect, a Czech national, is currently being held in Prague for interrogation. During a press conference the ministers of the interior of Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland stated, that police believe that a right-wing extremist network is behind the attack in Berlin. The bomb was supposed to be a statement against the refugee policy of the EU and Germany, who agreed to take in many refugees from Cape Verde in a streamlined asylum application process. There are five additional main suspects, who are still on the loose. Two of these subjects are of polish origin and three are German citizens. An international arrest warrant has been issued, and police believe that it is just a matter of time until the suspects are caught.

Al Jazeera: Union of Islamic Countries condemns terrorism, plans attack on Islamic State

“It is not acceptable that those terrorists use our religion in their name to attack free people” – Delegation of Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced their condemnation of the terrorist group “Islamic State”, that is responsible for the recent attack in Berlin. Fighting terrorism is anchored in the framework of the Union of Islamic Countries, along with upholding the shared values that brought these countries together. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia used this opportunity to also emphasize the legitimacy and independence of Islamic judicial systems, ending with the reminder that “[Saudi Arabia] do[es] not criticize the [judicial system] of the United States, therefore […] they should not criticize ours