Committee Reports

Rumor has it that today is the international day against the ue of child soldiers, and we would like to propose our solution [image source: OSCE]Download (4)

Final Report on the OSCE

It have been four days of heated discussions, long sessions and many cups of coffee. During the conference the press recognized a high level of professionalism regarding passionate and powerful speeches. A lot of ideas for resolutions have been discussed, whether in sessions or private conversations. The delegates dedicated a great amount of time and work into solving armed conflicts in Europe. New relations have been formed and diplomatic relationships strengthend.

Rumor has it that in ECOSOC South Africa is the king of sacrasm: he commented on Russia deploying 5 carriers in the Baltic Sea, commenting on it with a Martin Luther King Jr. quote: “Our lives begin to end the moment we become silent about the things that matter. Here Russia, you are silent.”

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General Assembly Day 3

The General Assembly has accepted one draft resolution today. It deals with the topic “Fostering Digital Innovation in developing threshold countries”.

The sponsors are the Republic of Indonesia, Republic of Senegal, Republic of South Africa. They are supported by thirteen addition signatories: Plurinational State of Bolivia, Republic of Bulgaria, Republic of Chile, Republic of China, Republic of Equatorial Guinea, French Republic, Federal Republic of Germany, Islamic Republic of Iran, Republic Côte d’Ivoire, Republic of Rwanda, Republic of Uruguay, United Republic of Uzbekistan.

Many emerging and threshold countries have barely any internet access. This is why they do not only suffer from economic but also social disadvantages. The lack of information is related to the lack of education in these countries. Therefore providing emerging and threshold households with internet access is a top priority of this resolution.

The draft resolution focuses on the following aspects:

  • Encourage the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) to help solving the problems listed above by bringing digital innovation into the emerging and threshold countries
  • Expanded internet access: The GA suggests to set up open WIFI Systems (Hot-Spots) in bigger cities to enable citywide internet access, in rural areas local WIFI stations should be established
  • Emerging and threshold countries should promote the use of digital education applications that everyone can use on their computers or smartphones. The content should be designed to work both online and offline to make it possible for people without internet access at home to foster education
  • Urge the United Nations member states to take action by providing funds to support lower developed countries; for example promoting programmes like IDEA STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and IDEA Foundation which can be used offline
  • Remind the UNDP to focus on the aspect of digitalization and how to bring it into the emerging and threshold countries.

Day 3 at the Gerneal Assembly has ended without passing a resolution. This is why it is getting even more exiting, when the GA meets for the last session during Main MUN 2018. Two additional draft resolutions are very likely to be accepted on Sunday.



The Security Council is debating with the chairs it’s absent delegates relationships! Real drama happening over here…

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Unholy alliances in the UNSC after yesterday’s ball – Russia and Dawn? China and UK? The Netherlands and the Chair? United States and Nimrata „Nikki“ Haley? Equatorial Guinea and Kuwait? Who knows…

Rumor has it that the SC also had a very serious minute of silent prayer for all of the press members feeling bullied by the council.

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Rumor has it that the extremely confident delegate of the United States of America in the OSCE exceptionally likes to hear his own voice.
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The Italian delegation in the OSCE did it again: they objected a motion and then voted in favour. What’s wrong, amici? There are also rumours flying around in the committee that they want special treatment and are requesting a special clause in the final resolution…

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Rumour has it that some of the Dutch delegates in the GA left their seats in disorder (coffee cups, shredded pieces of paper and such) even after having been reprimanded for it by their Chairs. Some unfortunate delegates who caught the ire of said chair had to clean up their mess… #sad