Rumor has it that today is the international day against the ue of child soldiers, and we would like to propose our solution [image source: OSCE]Download (4)


Final Report on the OSCE

It have been four days of heated discussions, long sessions and many cups of coffee. During the conference the press recognized a high level of professionalism regarding passionate and powerful speeches. A lot of ideas for resolutions have been discussed, whether in sessions or private conversations. The delegates dedicated a great amount of time and work into solving armed conflicts in Europe. New relations have been formed and diplomatic relationships strengthend.

Rumor has it that the extremely confident delegate of the United States of America in the OSCE exceptionally likes to hear his own voice.
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The Italian delegation in the OSCE did it again: they objected a motion and then voted in favour. What’s wrong, amici? There are also rumours flying around in the committee that they want special treatment and are requesting a special clause in the final resolution…

Dear UN, are you out of order?

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NGOs shocked by UNs inability to deal with the crisis

Facing the difficulties of the United Nations to find solutions for the current conflict, the NGOs DAWN, Amnesty International, Internet Society, Red Cross and Reporters without borders unite to call for help for civilians suffering from the conflict. The 5 NGOs further call for the PBC, OSCE and the SC to intensify their efforts to resolve the ongoing crisis.

First OSCE Resolution has been passed!

Armenia and Azerbaijan adopted an agreement  on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. The resolution includes that the Armenian and Azerbaijani troops will be withdrawn from the Nagorno-Karabakh region by 2020 and that the region becomes autonomous. Furthermore Azerbaijan is going to open a corridor to enable access to the area. The OSCE has been invited to observe the situation and demilitarization. Armenia agreed to spent 12 million euros on a common fund for the region’s infrastructural and educational installation.  Azerbaijan is willing to pay 50 million euros of reparation and to submit 5% of their annual income, from oil production to support the development of the region’s economy.

Both sides  are very happy that a solution has been found to the conflict.

OSCE Gossip

  • The OSCE delegates of Azerbaijan and Armenia have been seen laughing and chatting during lunch time. Allegedly they have found a new common enemy: Russia. Armenia said it was going to be a “spicy evening” at the OSCE session.
  • The OSCE announces that they miss the Bulgarian delegate of the General Assembly in their committe.
  • American Flag Banner Ad GIFThe Chair of the OSCE should remember that the pin the United States of America is wearing is patriotic and normally not in order
  • In the OSCE, Russia refuses to rise for the minute of silence in honour of the Royal puppies of her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II who have a food shortage due to BREXIT.
  • mtv style shopping GIF by Paramount MoviesRumor has it that Sweden in the OSCE is rather excessively shopping H&M during the sessions rather than contributing to peace
  • Rumors has it that the OSCE delegate of the Republic of Uzbekistan is looking for allies to start world war 3 and even suggested NATO members bombing each other. His reason: the OSCE is boring
  • The Russian female delegate in the OSCE and one of the American delegates in the OSCE seem to be flirting!? Are we going to have peace?!