Security Council

The Security Council is debating with the chairs it’s absent delegates relationships! Real drama happening over here…

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Unholy alliances in the UNSC after yesterday’s ball – Russia and Dawn? China and UK? The Netherlands and the Chair? United States and Nimrata „Nikki“ Haley? Equatorial Guinea and Kuwait? Who knows…

Rumor has it that the SC also had a very serious minute of silent prayer for all of the press members feeling bullied by the council.

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Dear UN, are you out of order?

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NGOs shocked by UNs inability to deal with the crisis

Facing the difficulties of the United Nations to find solutions for the current conflict, the NGOs DAWN, Amnesty International, Internet Society, Red Cross and Reporters without borders unite to call for help for civilians suffering from the conflict. The 5 NGOs further call for the PBC, OSCE and the SC to intensify their efforts to resolve the ongoing crisis.