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“Democracy is overrated” – Chair of the EU

Two assassination attempts on the poor delegate of Chad so far… Seems the African Union is working dirty!

The delegate of the Netherlands (EU) looks more like Harry Potter than Daniel Radcliffe

Rumors have it, that, since the global food security doesn’t seem very important anymore, the UN General Assembly is rather listening to ‘Gangnam Style’ then working on a Resolution

If the US were as British as its delegates it would have remained a colony to the British Empire


Gossip Box

I just heard Burundi is number 3 of the poorest countries on earth, yet has the wealthiest president worldwide. #sad

Not every one in the human right council cares about human rights…

“Gregor” is sweeping not only over Europe today but also over a certain SC Chair

Rumors have it that there are special relations between a Member of the Council of the European Union and a Member of the dais 😏

Rumor has it one of the World Bank chairs has a “Great Eye Color”!
But no one knows which one!