Press Releases

Press release – USA

Consensus voting is a big waste of time! OSCE totally disfunktional! SAD!


Press release – Estonia

Estonia is very sorry to inform the public that we are overpowered.
Due to the slow response of the UN forces and no response from NATO we are unable to mobilise a viable army. In order to prevent excessive loss of life the government of Estonia surrenders and begs for a peaceful integration by Russian Federation.

Press release – USA


I invite you not to build walls but bridges, to conquer evil with good, offence with forgiveness, to live in peace with everyone.” – Pope Francis

Despite recent Twitter clashes between @realDonaldTrump and @Pontifex the #USA kindheartedly invites the #Vatican to announce a permanent move of the Catholic Church to #GodsownCountry.

Italy does neither seem to appreciate or respect the Vatican #SAD

Press Release by Reporters Without Borders

Upon further investigation, RWB now believes that Russian frigate Admiral Sergei Gorshkov of the Russian Navy was hit by U.K. naval destroyers resentfully positioned in the Baltic Sea. Our RWB ground team investigating has been in contact with high ranking military officials. Some of these officials might have celebrated too much afterwards, and were open for questioning by the investigators. RWB is deeply concerned and urges a mediation between the involved parties.

– Terrorist financing by Azerbaijan – Press Release by Reporters Without Borders

RWB has received information from verified sources that $23 million were made available by Azerbaijan to a terrorist group in the Dagistan region of Russia. We have recieved confirmation from RWB investigators, and thus call all members to find a peaceful resolution and comply with the UN Charter and international agreements!