Heard in a Chinese military school : “Our government has already begun to build a secret reeducation camp in Port Suakin. As we are currently doing in Xinjiang, this camp will be used to convert Sudanese and Egyptian Muslins to the only true way of thinking: Communism.”


Press Release – Côte d’Ivoire

The Republic of Côte d’Ivoire expresses its deepest sympathy to the victims of the contamination of the Nile. We propose to establish a fund with the value of at least 5 million dollar to provide for those in dire need, as well as sending local forces to provide drinkable water and to further research for ways to minimize the effects of the contamination. However, we are regretting the slow process in the investigation about the incident resulting in the delay of any possible measures to fight the cause of this humanitarian catastrophe.

As a member of the African Union, Côte d’Ivoire is deeply concerned and condemns any aggressive actions against other member states of the African Union and the United Nations.
Our honorable president Mr. Ouattara expressed his hopes for the African Union to help calm the tension between Sudan and Egypt as well as South Sudan by acting as a neutral platform. The Republic of Côte d’Ivoire emphasizes that the member state of the African Union should be eager to find a peaceful and diplomatic solution to the ongoing crisis.

Press release – Equality now

Education Won: UN WOMEN passed the planned resolution about education to empower women and children

In collaboration between the states and Equality Now, countries are working for early education of girls of women.
The resolution includes an educational framework that allows countries to include it in their country without loosing the national authority and considers the cultural situation. United States of America, People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Republic of Cuba, Republic of El Salvador, Republic of India, State of Israel, Japan, Kingdom of Sweden, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Swiss Confederation, Republic of Rwanda and Ireland are caring for women and girls and why are other countries still remaining silent?

HRC: The First Resolution Paper out now

The United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) released a position paper yesterday regarding the topic: Fighting Contemporary Forms of Slavery.

Over the last days, the members constantly reminded their fellow delegates to ensure the Human Rights in the affected countries.

The main content calls to

  • Advise all Member States to eliminate the causes of enslavement and guarantee the safety of their citizens and migrants by investing in infrastructure in order to create stability among the society.    
  • Invite all Countries of Destination of Human Trafficking to inform its citizens about the issue through television campaigns and certification of products. Also, officials such as the police should warrant the safety of the citizens.
  • Encourage all Member States to improve the security on human trafficking internationally and impose punishments.
  • Ask the International Criminal Court to examine the investigation and indictment of the alleged perpetrators.
  • Create  anonymous hotlines and shelters for the victims.
  • Motivate Member States to take immediate action when it comes to the prosecution of offenders. At the same time, former victims shall also receive support in order to get settled back to their life.
  • Protect the children in regards to forced marriages.
  • Offer professional psychological help to help the victims in dealing with their trauma.



Press release – Brazil

The Brazialian delegation announces that the Brazilian government, by personal and irrevocable order of the dear President Jair Bolsonaro, has imposed a soy trade embargo to China in response to its reckless, aggressive and expansionist economic policy, shown throughout to the crisis in the Horn of Africa.
The President Jair Bolsonaro has once again stated that “China isn’t buying in Brazil, China is buying Brazil, and that has to be stopped”.

Press Release – Mexico

As people living close to the Nile are still suffering from the poisoned water, no matter which nation (Egypt or Sudan) they belong to, the United Mexican States will provide humanitarian aid in form of fresh and clean water to Egypt. We also appeal to other nations to help the Egyptian people, regardless of their political relations to the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Breaking: Egyptian Military leak

The press anonymously received parts of Egyptian Military orders concerning their operations in Sudan, declaring that

In retaliation for the Sudanese counter attack, Egypt will make a formal declaration of war and declare a state of emergency and introduce conscription, the conscripts will be sent immediately to Sudan after they are armed, due to the Sudanese continuing to leave the dam open. Egypt must mobilise the entirety of its armed forces and attack Sudan, with only 10,000 of our entire force of around 300,000 will stay behind to ensure stability. Due to the guerrilla style of the counter attack, we will advance and if any resistance is met, there will be repercussions upon the local populace. The Egyptian army will advance to the capital and will operate a bombing campaign against all major Sudanese cities within operational range of our bombers utilising our stock of hellfire missiles and Lockhead Jets to use these. The primary target will be the National Assembly of Sudan, we will also utilise Egypt’s special forces to hunt and kill all traceable high ranking politicians and generals in Sudan. We will utilise the entirety of our tank force, APCs and SCUD missile in this military advance.